FIT KING Full Leg Massager with Advanced Heat Therapy | FT-075A

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Step into a world where comfort meets technology with the FITKING FT-075A. This 3-in-1 leg massager is designed not just to pamper your feet, calf, and thighs, but also to promote holistic well-being. Whether it's the nagging pain from the day's fatigue, swelling, or more severe concerns like DVT, this device is crafted to cater to all.

Key Features:

【Comprehensive Coverage】
 Seamlessly transition from foot to thigh, experiencing a symphony of inflating and deflating pressures that mimic the most skilled of masseuse hands. Whether you're at home or the office, rejuvenation is just a button away.

【Rapid Heat Therapy】Choose from 3 heat levels (Low, Mid, High) that warm up swiftly. Not just a luxury, this feature aids in pain relief, soreness alleviation, and accelerated muscle healing, ensuring you're always at your best.

【Customizable Massage Sessions】With 3 distinct modes and intensities, tailor your massage session to your exact preference. The user-friendly LCD handheld controller ensures the experience is as intuitive as it's relaxing. And with a 20-minute auto shut-off, there's peace of mind, knowing your device is designed with safety in mind.

【A Fit For All】No two legs are the same, and the FT-075A gets that. With adjustable velcro wraps and size extenders, it promises a snug and comfortable fit for every user.

【Gift of Wellness】Perfect for any occasion, the FT-075A is a testament to your care and thoughtfulness. Birthdays, holidays or just because – it's always the right time to gift wellness.

Celebrate the fusion of luxury and health with FITKING FT-075A. Designed with precision, and built for performance, it's not just a massager – it's a promise of unparalleled relaxation and recovery.
Full Leg Massager with Heat


3 in-1 massager for feet, calf, and thigh. It can effectively promote blood circulation, help with lymphedema, swelling, and DVT, relieve pain, eliminate tiredness and soreness, and help prevent multiple leg diseases. Research shows that massage with heating is beneficial to eliminate lactic acid, which is produced during exercise and makes your muscles heal quicker.

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FT-075A - Full Leg Massager with Heat

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