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Immerse yourself in the blend of warmth and precision massage with FITKING's air compression calf massager. Whether it's long standing hours or desk-bound work, alleviate fatigue and stimulate healthy circulation in style. 

Key Features:

【Detailed Compression Massage】
 The leg massager features 2x2 airbags with distinct massage configurations, meticulously emulating kneading and stroking actions, rejuvenating your calves.

【Therapeutic Heat】 Enrich your massage session with a comforting heating experience, designed to warm up your legs, accentuate circulation, and counteract swelling or edema.

【Tailored Experience】 Cater to your unique massage needs with 3 varied modes and intensities. It’s about the perfect blend of strength and technique.

【Adaptable Design】 The adjustable Velcros ensures the massager snugly fits most sizes, allowing every family member the luxury of daily comfort.

【A Heartfelt Gift】 Renowned for superior product quality and unmatched customer care, FIT KING presents the ideal gift for your loved ones. Be it a special occasion or just a surprise, bring wellness to their doorstep.

Compression Calf Massager with Heat


FIT KING air compression leg massager has 2x2 massage chambers inside, providing a more intensive massage experience. It can massage more areas on your calves and relieve fatigue and improve blood circulation after long time work or standing. There are 3 massage modes & levels with different massage techniques, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and preferences.

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FT-017A - Compression Calf Massager with Heat

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