TOP PICKS of Massage Device For Pain Relief and Fast Muscle Recovery 2021

TOP PICKS of Massage Device For Pain Relief and Fast Muscle Recovery 2021

The human body is quite a masterpiece when you think of all the physical and mechanical functions that must work in unison to keep the body operating at an optimum level. Unfortunately, no matter how well you take care of your body, there will be times where this well-oiled machine may break down and need assistance to heal.

When it comes to our mobility, muscles are the engine that makes our body move from point A to point B. Our bodies can be severely limited when our muscles are not operating at full strength. This is even more evident when the muscles in your legs are the ones negatively impacted.

Here at Fit King, we know the importance of maintaining healthy muscles to help you get through the rigors of your day. To show our commitment to helping your muscles operate at peak capacity, we have several groundbreaking products available that can help alleviate pain, swelling, or just tired muscles in your legs, and get you back on your feet as soon as possible. Below is a description of three products, which are easy to operate, cost-effective, and your answer to easing that nagging muscle pain that never seems to go away.

Fit King Foot and Calf Compression Massager With Heat FT-057A

This unique product was created to improve circulation in your feet and calves, while at the same time, loosening tight muscles, and helping with reducing overall pain and swelling in the legs. This product consists of two leg air compression massagers, which were designed to easily wrap around your feet and calves for a comfortable fit. Once you're strapped in, the magic begins. Depending on your leg discomfort, there are several modes to choose for alleviating your pain.

Massage Modes:

  • Minimum Intensity - helps for daily foot and leg muscle relaxation
  • Medium Intensity - helps to relieve muscle stiffness, soreness or pain
  • Maximum Intensity - helpful with recovery after intense physical training or exercise

What makes this product even more enticing is its optional heating functionality, which provides soothing heat to comfort your feet and calves. This heating function, along with the compression massage, aids in improving circulation and leads to an extreme level of relaxation as your muscles recover.

Additional features include the following:

  • An easy to hold and operate handheld controller
  • Removable and washable inner layer making it easy to clean
  • Larger and adjustable size leg wraps, with two free size extensions for different calf sizes up to 28.5 inches
  • Portable storage bag that you can take to the office or on a trip

This simple, yet effective Fit King Foot and Calf Compression Massager can help alleviate pain from many different conditions. It's helpful for restless leg syndrome, varicose veins, swelling caused by edema in the feet, ankles or legs. With all of these benefits, it would be a mistake to pass up on this opportunity for a chance to improve the pain and comfort level of your lower extremities.

Fit King Foot and Leg Massager FT-012A

This innovative product can safely and easily relieve fatigue and pain as well as improve blood circulation from your thighs down to your feet. Boosting 3 massage intensity options, along with a total of 10 massage techniques, you can quickly treat a large number of leg conditions, no matter your age or activity level. For the well-conditioned athletes, who spend their time running, cycling, swimming or going to the gym, this leg massager can lead to rapid muscle recovery in preparation for your next workout session. For the older generation who may suffer from varicose veins, restless leg syndrome or leg and foot swelling, this product does an amazing job of alleviating the painful symptoms that can come about from these conditions.

Product features include the following:

  • 3 x 3 independent massage channels and chambers provide better massage experiences for your feet, calves and thighs
  • 3 mode settings and 3 intensities with a total of 10 massage modes are selectable
  • Wide and adjustable size with 2 free extensions for different calf sizes up to 28.5 inches
  • Portable design with a free travel storage bag

Don't miss your chance to own the Fit King Foot and Leg Massager, which can be a game-changer in anyone's quest to ease leg muscle pain and completely improve the quality of life for the older generation.


Fit King Deep Tissue Massage Gun FT-025G

This third product from Fit King can relieve muscle soreness not only in your legs but anywhere else on your body. This deep tissue massage gun offers high-frequency percussion, which can work knots and tension out of your muscles while improving blood flow. This is a perfect gift for those active individuals who often develop stiff and sore muscles after high-intensity training.

Product features include the following:

  • 6 different types of massage heads for any body part - no size or body part limits
  • Adjustable 20 speeds of vibration - Featured with variable percussion settings
  • Cordless and long battery life - up to 6 hours of use per full charge
  • Professional deep tissue massage - offers high-frequency percussion onto tissues
  • Quiet massage experience - advanced noise reduction system and brushless high torque motor bring you an enjoyable and quiet massage experience.
  • Carrying case - a well made and durable carrying case that allows easy transport of this product to the office or on the go elsewhere

This Fit King massage gun is a must for anyone who has ever experienced the uncomfortable sensation of stiff and sore muscles after working out. Simply apply the massage gun to wherever you're experiencing soreness and feel the knots and tension slowly ease in intensity. This massage gun can enhance mobility and flexibility while also speeding up your recovery time.

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