Can Compression Massage Devices Really Help With Muscle Recovery ?

Can Compression Massage Devices Really Help With Muscle Recovery ?

Recovery is very important to post your workout sessions. As the name suggests, it helps recover, rebuild, and strengthen muscles, which is much needed after high-intensity workout sessions. While most of us feel guilty about taking a day off from our weekly workout schedules for recovery, our bodies do require a short break to get back stronger.


Even more important is the fact that your muscles don’t grow as we work out, they grow when we rest in between our workout sessions. Heavy workouts can take a toll on our bodies, leading to micro-tears in our muscles. We need to give our bodies and muscles adequate time to heal. If we do not, our muscles would end up inflamed and swollen. This in turn would leave you exhausted, drastically affecting your workout performance. Not giving yourself rest also affects the immune system. In the long run, it leads to chronic muscle and joint pain.


Irrespective of the workout you choose, you need to ensure your body is equipped to handle all the stress you put it through. While exercising undoubtedly has many health benefits, if you wish to work out safely and for a longer time, taking a day off for recovery is super important.

What Can We Do to Promote Muscle Recovery?

There are many ways to help our bodies recover from the wear and tear of muscles. Some of the most important are:

Eating Well and Staying Hydrated

A balanced diet helps boost our bodies’ inherent abilities to repair muscles. Nutritional deficiency can impair or slow down muscle recovery, which is why a healthy diet plays an important role. You need to cut down on the consumption of processed foods and choose more healthy, raw, and unprocessed foods that are rich in fibre. Ensuring your protein intake is up-to-the-mark too, is essential.


Likewise, staying hydrated is key to reducing inflammation in the body, as our bodies lose out on a lot of water during workouts. Drinking adequate amounts of water helps reduce inflammation, muscle soreness, and muscle damage.

Sleeping Well

The more you rest, the better you recover. Those who indulge in intense workout sessions  need to ensure they get their quota of adequate sleep every night. Sleep deprivation can affect the bodies’ ability to recover from muscle damage. It also affects the production of hormones that are key for muscle growth. A good night’s sleep of 8-10 hours will definitely help!

Quit/Reduce Consumption of Addictive Substances

Alcohol consumption comes with negative consequences of its own. It affects the ability of our muscles to replenish glycogen levels, which is important for muscle repairs. It also impacts the protein synthesis of the muscles. Likewise, smoking tobacco affects the musculoskeletal system. It increases the risk of muscle injury and increases the risk of developing joint ailments and fractures.  Cutting down on the consumption of these additive substances helps muscles recover faster. If possible, completely quit consuming them.


Many of the best professional athletes incorporate massages in their training sessions to help speed up the process of muscle recovery. Massages soothe our muscles, which is why we need to include them in our workout routine. Moreover, massages relax the mind as much as the body, making it a win-win situation!


You can consider investing in massage devices that help you unwind and recover post workouts. FIT KING has an amazing range of massage devices that should definitely be part of your relaxing recovery sessions. If you just want a good massage for your feet, you can invest in the FIT KING foot massager. The brand also has an amazing leg massager. Apart from this, the brand also has a different type of FIT KING compression massagers. Let's find out more about these compression massagers:

How Do Compression Massagers Work?

A compression massager offers heat therapy, which helps boost circulation in our bodies. Irrespective of the intensity of your workout,  you can always choose compression massager devices to relax your leg muscles, relieve fatigue and pain and improve blood circulation as well. The compression massagers deliver stable and soothing heating to your tired legs and feet. Most importantly, the compression massagers are super easy to use. All you need to do is put on the compression foot and leg massager; sit back and relax!

What is the Benefit of Compression Therapy?

Compression therapy uses the application of controlled pressure to increase blood flow in your legs and boost the flow of blood to the heart. It also provides adequate support to the veins and decreases swelling and inflammation in different parts of the body. It offers many benefits for those with chronic pain of joints and muscles and is super beneficial for those who work out as well.


This therapy has helped heal wounds and relieve pain since ancient times. These days, different types of compression massagers are available, making this therapy accessible to all. The amount of compression required, however, depends on the severity of the pain too. The therapy can yield different results depending on the amount of compression applied, type of material used, your movement, and the grip of the compression device.

Tips for Choosing Compression Massagers

The main purpose of a compression massager is to provide relief from sore muscles. While almost all the compression massagers offer more or less similar features, you need to ensure you pick one that’s the perfect fit for you. Before you invest in a compression massager, you need to keep certain aspects in mind. Let’s have a look at these important points:

Size and Coverage

You need to choose a compression massager according to your requirements. If you are looking for a foot massager, you can invest in a compression massager, especially for the feet. Otherwise, you can go for the feet-and-leg massager as it offers better coverage and quicker pain relief. Most FIT KING foot and leg compression massage devices are with velcro closure, which will fit most leg sizes. Do ensure that you check the size of the compression massager in the description so that it fits around your legs perfectly for best results.


As you’d be using your compression massager often, make sure you invest in one that’s made of high quality and durable material. The fabric needs to be breathable, and comfortable and would wrap around your legs snugly, just like FIT KING's. 

Travel Friendly

Those who work out while on the move need to invest in a compression massager that’s travel friendly, too. These compression massagers are not only well suited for those who workout, but also for those who suffer from joint ailments that are aggravated due to travel. For this, you need to make sure your compression massager is lightweight and compact, and FIT KING rechargeable compression massagers are the perfect fit.

Technical Aspects

Apart from the comfort of the compression massager, you also need to look for other technical aspects such as the type of cuffs, inner lining, plug-in or powered battery, foot massaging inserts, number of chambers, and the type of fastening.

Summing Up

If you’re looking to invest in a good quality compression massager, you can always rely on FIT KING. It’s a top-quality brand that curates products according to the requirements of fitness professionals or those who love to work in general. Power on with FIT KING!

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